Employee Benefits Survey (March 2016)

About the Survey

NMSU faculty and staff were invited to participate in an employee benefits survey via email March 2016.

The results were analyzed and presented by the Director of Benefit Services in an Employee Council Open Forum in May 2016. The survey was conducted in conjunction with a Request for Proposal initiated by NMSU to evaluate market options for medical, prescription, dental and vision plans for employees and their eligible dependents. The survey was intended to discover employee preferences for plan design and benefit needs to assist with the creation of benefit plans in the event NMSU were to move to a self-funded arrangement.

The results of the survey have been posted for NMSU employees to review. The survey results are only one resource of information related to employee preferences and needs. The information obtained from the results is not meant to determine what benefits are needed or not needed, but to provide insight to possible benefit programs or possible benefit changes that could add value to the compensation package offered by NMSU to employees.

Survey results

Survey FAQs

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